Almost every day has classes, starting on the first Sunday and lasting until the last Saturday. The daily timeslots are usually 11 am–1 pm, 2 pm–4 pm and 4 pm–6 pm. Please notice that classes can also take longer than 2 hours. The classes are held either in Finnish or English, depending on the teacher’s language and/or the wishes of the participants.

The teachers can reserve a place or room for their class by writing it below their class description on the class schedule at the troll. There are rooms in the main building, but you can also teach at your own camp or by the sauna.


The full A&S Schedule can be opened as a pdf here: Full schedule

CANTUS SORORUM - The Liturgy of the Hours of the medieval Bridgettine convent

We are going to sing through Feria Secunda ad Completorium and Feria Tertia ad Matutinum (which includes the Nocturnum). The latter we might shorten, if we get tired, as we will start it at 2 am and it is long.

The sororum is a weekly cycle of songs, mainly antiphons with psalms and it was sung through by the sisters weekly. The days have themes, and the theme of Monday, i.e. the Feria Secunda is Mary and the Angels, so that will be our theme for the completorium, and the theme of Tuesday i.e. the Feria Tertia is the matriarchs and the patriarchs.

A digitized manuscript of the Bridgettine antiphonarium et hymnarium can be found in the address

Introduction to Cantus Sororum will be held after dinner on Sunday.

For more information contact Kaarina Eerikintytär at the event