Tourneys, wars and archery at Cudgel War

This schedule is tentative as of 30.6.2018. Changes will be forthcoming.
9.6.2018 added archery clout practice and mention of thrown weapons.
30.6.2018 added detailed fencing schedule

am = before lunch
pm = after lunch
evening = after dinner

Heavy fighting

Day Time Where Event Contact person
Monday am War field Drachenwald army drills Sir Thorbjörn & Master Edricus
Tuesday pm List field Unbelted tourney Sir Thorbjörn

Archery for Rautahirvi vs Vita Portens Väktare Tourney (see archery section below)

Helmschau and ceremony for Rautahirvi vs Vita Portens Väktare tourney Baron Mikael Rantzow
Wednesday am
Free practice

pm List field Tourney -- Rautahirvi vs Vita Portens Väktare Baron
Thursday am
Drachenwald army drills Sir Thorbjörn & Master Edricus

pm List field Nordic 1000
Friday am
War field War Baron Mikael Rantzow
Saturday am War field War Baron Mikael Rantzow

Rapier (at the list field unless otherwise marked)

All classes are in English. For most classes it is good to have a suitable sword, gloves and a mask. Especially Saturday’s classes are suitable for beginners and those with more experience - don’t hesitate to try out the True Art of Defence!

Day Time Where Event Contact person
Footwork and warm up Master Fardäng

Giganti for beginners HE Cernac

Fencing & Female Brain: Tools Tips and Discussion (bring your lunch if you wish) THL Catlin

Agrippa - why it is a good starting point for beginners HM Vitus

18- Frostheim camp Collegium hang-out and party
Academy meeting (feel free to bring your breakfast). After that warm up (repeat foot work or gentle free play?)

Longsword by Fiore Dei Liberi Olaf Dviskaeg

Cutting for real - with sharp weapons Fardäng


Playing for the Prize:

Baron Mikael Rantzow for the rank of provost (HB & C&T)

sponsor Baron Dubhghall
Monday evening
Pirate Arts & Science Display Baron Pietari Uv

Playing for the Prize
Lady Chiudka for the rank of provost
Lord Gilbert Blackthorn for the rank of free scholar
sponsor Master Duncan
sponsor Countess Anna

Longsword Tourney (C & T) Sponsored by Wildlings of Frostheim and the Black Watch of the North

Wear Your Best or the Pearl of Aarnimetsä Tournament (HB)
Put on your fanciest fencing clothes, bring your spiffiest accessories, and be ready to make the most memorable challenge ever! The one who most impresses the noble audience will be declared not only the Best Dressed but also the Spiffiest Fencer of Cudgel War.
Sponsored by Their Excellences of Aarnimetsä, organized by Countess Anna von Urwald
Saturday 14
Tournament of the Monkey Island (HB) Sponsored by Viscount Pól ó Briain

Official fencing age limit is 14 years, under 18 yr olds need a permission from legal guardian

There will be some loaner equipment on site, if you don’t find any yourself, Countess Anna (or other experienced fencer) might be able to help. Remember to take good care of the equipment you borrow, and especially return it after use to the person / place you agreed on!

The classes during Collegium and some Tournaments are listed on the schedule, but during the week there is possibility for even more fencing. Keep on eye on the list field and/or make a date with a fellow fencer when the list field is available!

Shorthand above: HB - Heavy Blade, C&T = Cut & Thrust

Archery (everything at the Archery field except for the Orc hunt, which is in the woods)

Time Event Contact person
Saturday pm
Practice for Clout shooting
Lord Rakonsczay Gergely
Sunday am Archery for Children Herra Henriikkus Pöksyläinen, Rouva Walborg Liuckoin, Lady Heleyne de Derteford

pm Royal Round Lord Rakonsczay Gergely
Monday am Drachenwald Round Lord Gilbert Blackthorn
Tuesday am Archery for Children Lady Anneke Alfintytär Lindu, Herra Henriikkus Pöksyläinen and Lord Gilbert Blackthorn

pm One Hour Shoot Rouva Vallittu
Wednesday am + pm Orc hunt Herra Henriikkus Pöksyläinen
Thursday am 100 Years' War Herra Jon ja Herra Ilkka
Friday pm Royal Round Paroni Pehr Fougdilainen
Saturday pm
Archery for Children Herra Jaakko, Rouva Vallittu

For the Archery for Children, children must have a designated adult with them to supervise them while shooting.

Additionally, there may be thrown weapons sessions at Cudgel War. Contact person is Herra Jaakko, and possible timetable will be posted at the troll.