Tourneys and wars at Cudgel War


Higlander tourney - Monday 17.7. klo 14.30-16.30
Higlander tourney organized by sir Torbjörn Årbryte in wandering tradition that originated in faraway kingdom of Lochac

Privateer tourney- Monday 17.7. at 19.30-20.30
Once again privateer tourney will be fought at monday 17th of July. Tourney format will follow pirate theme.

Unbelted tourney - Tuesday 18.7. at 15.30-17.30
Tourney for all unbelted fighters will be at tuesday 18th of July.

Tourney of the Lady of the Lake - Wednesday 19.7. at 14.30-16.30
Baron Mikael Rantzow will host a tourney at wednesday 19th of July.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez In name of my most noble Lady Baroness Maryan, Make known to all princes , barons, knights and esquires without reproach that once again Lady of the Lake has called forth champions to test Valor and Prowess of all who wish to show themselves worthy in noble foot combat on shores of Her pleasant waters at that great gathering of Nobles called Cudgel War on Wednesday, the 19th of July. Let all those who wish to take part be prepared to present their arms and crested helmets at Kavalahti, on the eve of the tourney at the place specified by heralds; so that they may be recognized and may be made known to Ladies who shall give their opinions to judges. And the tourney will commence after Noon at the lists by the lakeside, where there will be a tree of shields with various weapons pictured. And all those wishing to fight shall touch one of the shields and Lady of the Lake will send an opponent to meet the challenger. And these are rules of combat: All fights shall be fought with matched weapons. After each hit the combatants shall wait for judges permission to begin anew. All fights shall be fought until one combatant has been struck three times or judges say enough has been done. And losing once weapon shall count as one strike received, likewise falling to the ground. And fighting will continue for length of on hour or until Lady of the Lake has seen enough done. And the winner of this most Noble enterprize shall be chosen by her Excellency Lady of the Lake and be announced at Her pleasure In Service to Her Excellency, Mikael Rantzow Dragon Steel Pursuivant

Nordic 1000 - Thursday 20.7. at 14.30-17.00
Legendary Nordic 1000 is here again! It will come at thursday 20th of July as rush as usually.

Tourney of the Noble and True Art - Thursday 20.7. at 19.00-20.30
The name says it all, right? More details about this fencing tourney will be available at the event.

Tourney of Monkey Island - Saturday 22.7. at 14.00-15.30
The tourney to end the week is the traditional Fencing Tourney of Monkey Island. Who will be the next champion for the Monkey of Monkey Island?


Traditional war between nobles and peasents will happen again and it will last two war days. War days will be friday and saturday (10.30-13.00).