Cudgel War XVI & Collegium of Defence, Inkoo, Finland 6.-15.7.2018

Once again THE Summer event you don't want to miss.

Ten days of relaxed camp life, fascinating A&S lectures and workshops, chivalrous tournaments, archery, three days of WAR, fantastic company, three saunas, and an idyllic lake with the beautiful view of the dreaded Monkey Island.

On the first weekend 6th to 8th July, we'll host the Kingdom fencing event Collegium of Defence. Come learn with the guest instructors and have fun with steel!

There may be photography at the event. This means you or your children may be photographed and the photos used in publicity materials of the SCA affiliate Suomen keskiaikaseura ry or its member groups. If you don't want your or your children's photos used in this way, please email

Register now using the online reservation form! Please read the event announcement and answer all the questions. Thank you!