Kavalahti scout camp

Kavalahti scout camp is located within a gently rolling and verdant pine forest. The heart of the camp is the grassy central square, where the medieval pavilions will be set up. The square is surrounded by the beach and the saunas on one side, and the feast hall on the other side. There is one new accommodation building and one workshop building (aka the old main building)

The feast hall is an old barn with a modern kitchen downstairs. This kitchen is reserved for the event staff to prepare the daily meals and the feast.

The old main building has a modern kitchen and fridges that everybody can use, plus some rooms for workshops and classes. There is no accommodation in the workshop building. There is a cellar in this building where people can plug in their coolers (but take an extension cord with you).

In 2017 the scouts built a new accommodation building and some flushing toilets to the site. The accommodation building has pallet style sleeping spaces with mattresses. Some of the sleeping space is up a steep ladder.

The three cabins sleep 6-8 persons and are located c. 100 meters from the central square. There is also a fire pit close to camping area.

Kavalahti has quite a lot of camping space. The square in the middle is reserved for period pavilions and tents, and it will be rather full of tents. So, if you plan on bringing a pavilion, please reserve a space for it in advance. Other areas for mundane tents are located just a bit further away around the period encampment; one by the parking lot and the other is in the woods above the main building and the cabins.

There're still the old outdoor toilets close to each camping area.

Next to the lake, we have a large and a small sauna building. The bigger one has two electric saunas, warm showers, two dressing rooms as well as a separate room with a fireplace and a small kitchenette free to use. The small sauna building right by the beach has a traditional wood-heated stove, which provides the best sauna experience for those energetic enough to heat it.

Illumination by Katheryn HebenstreitzIllumination by Flavius&Pelinor
Illuminations by Flavius & Pelinor

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